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The Inspector Gadget Marathon with special friends kicks off Dec 17

Dec 12 2018 - By Evan Freitas

Wowsers! Not only is every episode from Season 1 of Inspector Gadget coming to Twitch, but some very special friends are joining in to make this a one of a kind event you won’t want to miss. If the words “Go Go Gadget” mean anything to you, you may want to sit down.

Beginning December 17 at 10am PT we’ll be airing five hours of Inspector Gadget episodes every day on /twitchpresents through Christmas Eve, December 24. The block will repeat over the course of every day so you can watch them all no matter what time zone you live in.

But this won’t be any ordinary marathon. And here’s why.

Show co-creator Andy Heyward will be joining you in chat every day for an hour to watch along and share stories about the show. Is Inspector Gadget more machine than man? What does Doctor Claw look like? Will he ever get Gadget next time? Watch and you may find out. He’s also teaming up with Kid Genius Channel to have Go Go Gadgets inspired by your usernames sketched out and shared on social media after the show.

Andy will be online 12/17–12/20 from 10:15–11:15am PT and 10:30–11:30 on 12/21.

And finally, have you ever wondered what some of Inspector Gadget’s gadgets would be like in real life? Prepare to find out. The team at Tested.com is going to be building real-world versions of some of his gadgets LIVE on twitch.tv/tested and challenge some of Twitch’s best and brightest builders with the task of making the Gadget Mobile.

Before you ask, yes this marathon is co-streamable and clippable, so go nuts.

It all starts Dec 17 at 10am PT. Don’t forget to follow /twitchpresents so you don’t miss an episode.

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