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The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Marathon is live now!

Aug 20 2018 - By Brian

One of the strangest anime of all time is live now on Twitch! Head on over to twitch.tv/viz to watch the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Marathon with tons of other anime fans.

Not sure what’s going on? That’s fair. Basically, the brave Joestar family battles armies of evil and one super evil guy in particular, Lord DIO! You’ll catch on soon. TLDR: This is your chance to watch it with thousands of other fans and spam “It was me, DIO!” in the chat field until everybody tells you to SHUUUTTT UPPPPPP!!!

Viz is streaming nine episodes twice a day all the way through August 25, when they’ll air the last episode of Diamond is Unbreakable.

Here’s the schedule!

Phantom Blood: August 13 Battle Tendency: August 14–15 Stardust Crusaders: August 16–21 Diamond is Unbreakable: August 21–25

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