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Announcing: Stream On premiere and contestants!

Feb 23 2018 - By Anna Robinson

In December, Twitch Studios announced that auditions were open for Stream On: a live interactive game show that lets viewers discover and impact the future of up-and-coming creators by participating directly in the program.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Stream On will premiere March 8th at 3:00pm PST on Twitch.tv/Twitch, and will feature 14 Twitch Partner participants who will compete in Twitch-themed challenges to avoid elimination from the show over an 11-week period. The contestant who emerges victorious will be awarded a grand prize of $5,000 per month for a year — a total of $60,000 — to take their streaming career to the next level. The participants are:

Take the time to get to know and follow these streamers, because you will have the opportunity to support your favorites during the weekly recap show by voting through a custom-built Twitch Extension. During the week, our streamers will take the show to their own channels to tackle challenges and impress the judges, so starting March 8th, there will almost always be Stream On to watch!

Keep an eye on streamon.twitch.tv throughout the competition for more information, as well on @Twitch and @twitch_studios Twitter for updates!

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