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Auditions are now open for new game show from Twitch Studios: Stream On

Dec 19 2017 - By Anna Robinson

Today, we’re excited to announce “Stream On,” a new game show from Twitch Studios! Premiering in March 2018, the program will elevate some of the best and brightest up-and-coming streamers. Starting today, Twitch Partners are invited to audition for participation.

Maybe you’ve been streaming a long time and are looking for that one last push to take you into a full-time streaming career, or maybe you feel like you’re just getting started, and need a boost to reach more people and show them your skills! Either way, Stream On might be just the opportunity you need to shine. Right now, Twitch Studios is looking for the most entertaining, competitive streamers, with great personality and lots of potential. Video audition submissions are open now on the Twitch submission page, and full contest rules can be found here.

Stream On contestants will face challenges designed to test important streamer skills, and be evaluated by a panel of Twitch judges. Viewers in Twitch chat will also play an important role in choosing who advances and who is eliminated at each stage of the friendly competition. The show will take place across multiple channels as contestants compete throughout each week from their home streaming setup, and the action will be punctuated by a weekly recap and elimination show from Twitch Studios.

Ultimately, the contestant who best shows off their ability to entertain, lead a community, and be a pacesetter in the streaming space will emerge victorious, and be awarded a grand prize of $5,000 per month for a year — a total of $60,000 — in order to help take their streaming career to the next level.

As a contestant, viewer, or Twitch community member, we hope you’ll stay tuned and take part in this pilot season of Twitch Studios newest effort to elevate streamers. Be sure to follow /Twitch and @Twitch_Studios on Twitter for updates!

You can view the full official ruleset here.


Would I need to move or appear in person in order to compete?

No! We may ask contestants to join us for a trip or two, but the competition takes place online, and every streamer competes from their own streaming setup.

How will this affect my normal streaming schedule?

The competition is built to complement and expand, not replace, your current streaming strategy. However, streamers should keep in mind that participation may require changes and efforts that may conflict with their usual schedule or style, and be willing to invest with flexibility in the competition.

If I’m not a Partner quite yet, should I still audition?

This competition is catered toward streamers who are right on the cusp of making streaming full-time a possibility. Streamers who are below the threshold of partnership might not benefit much from participating, and would be at a disadvantage in challenges. We hope all interested streamers will use Achievements to follow the path to partnership and be able to join us for any future partner opportunities like Stream On! In the meantime, also be sure to check out other opportunities available from Twitch Studios at link.twitch.tv/submit.

I’m a big Partner who streams full time, should I audition?

As above, Stream On is built to support streamers who are just on the brink of making their streaming a full time career. Any partner can audition, but be advised that the selection committee will be more likely to choose smaller partners who they feel can benefit most from the additional exposure that Stream On can offer. LIRIK, if you’re reading this, please don’t apply.

I see on the submission form that only entrants from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. can enter. Why?

Stream On is a pilot, and we want to make sure we can truly support everyone we invite to audition. As it relates to budget, translation, logistics, and more, unfortunately this is the widest range of regions we can support for this time around.

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