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December Cosplay Showcase!

Dec 8 2017 - By Stephanie Guzzardo

Prep some hot chocolate, tea, or other warm beverage of choice and get ready to watch some more amazing cosplay fabrication! This month we have Karacorvus, TheJediManda, and KellyDanielle here to show you what projects they’re working on, and even dish out some tips and how-tos for cosplay newbies!


Karacorvus was inspired to start cosplaying after being inspired by elaborate armor builds and wanting to create something similar. Her all time favorite build was Phara from Overwatch, mainly due to her complete female badassery. Currently she’s working on Aranea Highwind from Final Fantasy XV. Her dog is also known to try and steal the show, so make sure to tune in for creativity, science, and doggo time!


Having studied costume design in college, getting into cosplay was a natural fit for JediManda. After dressing so many actors in her costumes, she finally wanted to be the one to wear them instead! She’s currently working on her own original design of a gown worn by Anastasia from the 1997 film. You can also tune in to her streams for Star Wars theory discussions as well as painting sessions!


KellyDanielle always enjoyed making and dressing up in costumes, but her love of cosplay all began after she was invited to a charity event and dressed up as Elsa. Harley Quinn is one of her favorite costumes, and she’s currently working on another favorite: Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. Kelly not only streams cosplay, but you can also see her play RPGs and enjoy a community full of positivity.

The full schedule for all of the front page streams is below:

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