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4 content ideas for November

Nov 2 2017 - By Sam Brown

November is a month of many exciting things: celebrations of food, family, friendship — and even beards. Here are four content ideas in the spirit of November that you can participate in and maybe even get discovered!

  1. Participate in #NoShaveNovember

As autumn nights grow longer, so do the beards of many men this month. If you have (or plan on growing) a glorious beard or mustache in honor of #NoShaveNovember, it’s your time to shine! Upload your beard care technique videos, create a timelapse of your facial hair growth, or simply show us how you wear your beard, mustache, sideburns, muttonchops, etc., on your Twitch channel. Send us a tweet with your content hashtagging #NoShaveNovember and #TwitchLifestyle.

Looking to take your beard growing to the next level? Get involved in a charity raising awareness for men’s health:

You can reach out to charity@twitch.tv for more information.

2. Cook up a Thanksgiving recipe

Are you a magician in the kitchen? Nom your way through November by serving up some live cooking streams or uploaded videos to Twitch! Show off some pro tips.

Are you a vegan, vegetarian, or simply don’t like turkey? Show us your alternatives! Break out Grandma’s cookbook and share that secret cranberry sauce recipe so the rest of the world can enjoy it (unless it gets you banned from future family Thanksgivings).

Hashtag #TwitchLifestyle and #Thanksgiving, then send your content to @Twitch on Twitter!

3. Host #Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is the ultimate social eating experience of the year. Spend it with family and/or gathering with streaming friends for a #Friendsgiving stream or Twitch vlog.

We want in on the festivities too, so be sure to share your Thanksgiving social eating content with us on Twitter using #Friendsgiving and #TwitchLifestyle.

4. Share what you’re thankful for

Create a video about those you are thankful for and upload it to your Twitch channel. Whether it’s your family, a best friend, a moderator, a significant other, or your entire community, let them know how grateful you are for their love and support.

Share it with us on Twitter @Twitch using #TwitchLifestyle and #Thanksgiving.

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