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New Twitch Mobile App Available Now

Jul 5 2017 - By Emily Halpin

Introducing the brand new Twitch App, making the content, people, and streams you love easier than ever to find — available now.

Download the new Twitch mobile app for iOS on the App Store or for Android on Google Play.

We’re bringing all the great features you have on the web to mobile, and making the entire experience slick and intuitive. We’ve also been listening to you, so you’ll see your most requested features coming to mobile today (Dark Mode, anyone?). You will need to log in the first time you open the app, giving you access to all these amazing new features. Check out our new look:

Dark Mode Ask and ye shall receive — the highly requested “dark mode” is here.

New Navigation Bars Live, Pulse, and Browse put all your important content one touch away, making it easier than ever to watch, follow, and discover.

Pulse The best of Twitch, tailored just for you. Find live streams, clips, updates, and more from new and followed Twitch streamers.

Swipe Surfing Use swiping motions to quickly select new videos, return to a previous stream, access playlists, and more — the simplest channel surfing you’ve ever tried.

Instant Playlists Swiping down anywhere at any time will produce an instant playlist filled with content you’ll want to see next.

Mobile Streaming Stream to your channel directly from your phone’s camera to the Twitch App — no need to switch between other apps!

Language Ranking When many people of the same language or region are watching a specific stream, it will be easier for you to find it, regardless of the language the stream itself is actually in.

New User Onboarding If you’re a streamer, you might notice an abundance of new follows due to our onboarding flow. When a new user signs up on the mobile app, we guide them through a quick process to help them discover great new content — and that includes you! If you’re live and have a complete bio, you automatically have a chance to be part of this user onboarding and get tons of new follows.

Landscape Chat We heard your feedback, and are happy to say landscape chat on iPad is back. To add to that, we’ll be bringing it to all platforms, including phones, in the next 3–6 weeks. You can test drive it now while mobile streaming.

Notifications You’ll now have the same notification center on your mobile device as you do on the web.

Get the app now!

Download the new Twitch mobile app for iOS on the App Store or for Android on Google Play.

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