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PAX East 2017 is upon us

Mar 8 2017 - By Benjamin Goldhaber

Another year, another Twitch road trip to PAX East! We’re shipping out to Boston to bring you the best of the show, even if you can’t make it in person. We’ve got a ton in store for you, including but not limited to…

Even that is not all, so for schedules, more info, and all live content, make sure to check out our PAX East 2017 event portal.

Attending PAX Live? Come visit us at our brand new booth [#18019] (and make sure to follow us on Twitter — a little birdy told me there might be some swag giveaways). We’ve also got a swanky lounge [#18031] for the literally hundreds of Twitch Partnered streamers in attendance. So if you’re a Partner and need a place to relax, look no further!

And don’t forget about the Twitch Town Hall. Not only is it the only place to get exclusive Twitch swag (see: pins and more), it’s where we’ll be announcing some major new products, features, and content for the Twitch community to enjoy. The Town Hall takes place on Friday at 11:30am ET in the Dragonfly Theatre and will be streamed live on twitch.tv/pax3, but if you’re attending in person best to show up bright and early, as these things get packed. Our second panel will be a Q&A session with Twitch’s product managers, live Saturday at 11:30am ET, also in Dragonfly.

Meet & Greets & Kappa Cards

We’re once again giving you an opportunity to meet your favorite streamers! Come by for a any of our daily meet and greet sessions to hang with us get your hands on exclusive (and custom) Kappa cards. More info on the Kappa cards program here.

We understand that streamers don’t like taking the entire weekend off, which is why we’ve partners with Intel to set up a live streaming station live from the PAX East show floor! Visit the Intel Stream Zone throughout the weekend for your chance to meet some of our streamers and win a Twitch beanie!

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