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War Rising: A series of For Honor duel events powered by Twitch

Mar 6 2017 - By Jason Maestas

Hundreds of players enter, but only one leaves as champion. Repeat four times. Then bring the Top 8 in points into one final tournament. Welcome to “War Rising”, presented by PandaGlobal and Smash.gg, and powered by Twitch.

War Rising is a series of For Honor duel events where brave members of the community go to-to-toe and show off their dueling skills (for glory and prizes, of course). Hosted and casted by dmbrandon with additional casting by Sohinki, each event pits the pool of players in 1v1 duels until only one is left standing.

In Round 1 held February 27, Petemoo took home the crown with KingRichard15 as runner up.

Bonus: If you’re a Twitch Prime member, you can get For Honor in-game benefits just extended to March 12!

Where to Watch



Round 1: Monday, February 27

Round 2: Monday, March 6, starts 5pm ET/2pm PT + Top 128 & stream starts 6pm ET/3pm PT

Round 3: Monday, March 20, starts 6pm ET/3pm PT

Round 4: Monday, March 27, starts 6pm ET/3pm PT

Finals: Monday, April 3, starts 6pm ET/3pm PT

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