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Thank You Twitch Community — You’ve Conquered the Webby’s Five Years Running

Apr 29 2016 - By Eric Barnett

You’ve done it again! With your help we’ve won both the People’s Voice and the judge’s choice awards! Insert John Cena’s Theme here Elbow dropping the Games-Related category for five consecutive years is a pretty big deal and we’re happy to continue being the people’s champion.

As per usual, we need to come up with a five word acceptance speech. What do you think it should be? In past years, we’ve come up with:

Help us do better and leave a comment below with your best 5 word acceptance speech.

You can view the live broadcast of the show over at Webbyawards.com. Winners will be presented with their awards on Monday, May 16th; a full list of both The Webby Awards and People’s Voice Winners can be found at webbyawards.com/winners.

We wouldn’t be here without your continued support so with all the love we can muster, thank you Twitch community. #BleedPurple

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