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PJSaltan is back and saltier than ever starting at PAX East 2016

Apr 21 2016 - By Jason Maestas

PJSaltan of Stream is a totally super serious competition between some of the finest Twitch broadcasters for bragging rights and, more importantly, your entertainment.

For 2016, preliminary rounds will be held at PAX East and PAX Prime, with the top four competitors from each event going on to compete in the finals at TwitchCon 2016.

Do you remember last year’s finals? Let us refresh you because you’ve been salt deprived (wait…that should be reversed…never mind, can’t go back now…except to watch this video!): Click here to watch and ignore that last bit.

The first rounds of our 2016 competition will take place live at PAX East from 1pm-3pm ET on Friday and 1pm-2:30pm ET on Saturday on the Twitch stage and all around the world on www.twitch.tv/twitch.

Each event consists of four top secret games, and won’t be announced until the tournament, or possibly ahead of the event if you check @djWHEAT’s Twitter. #Kappa

The first 16 competitors competing at PAX East (recently announced on Twitch Weekly) are:

DYoshi ColtraneTV TangentGaming King_Foom Dmbrandon LifeWithLaughs DanGheesling HayliNic Wyld Domesticdan 8bithomo* iKasperr* Pythagotron* ProtonJon* Vieparlafoi* TBD Final Competitor

All contestants subject to change at any time without any notice whatsoever because we said so. (That last person sounds totally random.)

The * denotes competitors who sent in videos basically begging us to be in this year’s competition.

Tune in starting Friday from PAX East. And if you forget, we’ll plaster this bad boy all over Twitter, Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, and the front page of Twitch. You literally can’t miss it. Just go to www.twitch.tv/twitch and RIP THE KNOB OFF…of something in your house.

Submissions are now being accepted for PJSaltan at PAX Prime 2016. You can access the submission link in the www.twitch.tv/twitch channel description or at https://twitch.submittable.com/submit.

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