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Building a Better Twitch — Updating to HTTPS

Mar 9 2016

As part of our ongoing work to make Twitch more secure, we’re updating the Twitch website to be served over HTTPS. Going forward, this will let us build more seamless experiences across the site, like improving the ways you access your Settings and Payments options, which are currently hosted on https://secure.twitch.tv.

Like lots of our projects at Twitch, we are approaching the transition to HTTPS in stages, applying the update first to most of our page content, like static content, Chat, and Whispers, and eventually rolling it out to live and recorded video as well. Because this project is a gradual process, you may see mixed content warnings from your browser telling you that different sections of a page have different levels of security applied. These mixed content warnings are all part of the update process, and you can read more about them and our efforts to update to HTTPS in the HTTPS FAQ.

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