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Will Ferrell Plays Video Games for Charity — on Twitch!

Sep 10 2014

Will Ferrell is taking to Twitch to raise money for non-profit organizations Cancer for College and DonateGames on Indiegogo.

“It’s no secret the best gamers in the world have wanted a piece of me for years,” said Ferrell, actor, comedian and gamer extraordinaire. “Guys like CaptainSparklez are gunning for me. I think he might be an actual wizard and he’s looking for blood. I told them I’d give them the honor of competing against me with one small condition: we raise a whole bunch of money for a great cause like helping kids with cancer.”

Read all about it in the official press release, over at Gamespot, and find the Indiegogo campaign at www.WillFerrellHatesCancer.org

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