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Join us for the Twitch Rivals x Fortnite Summer Skirmish

Aug 15 2018 - By Brian

Fortnite fans, rejoice! We’re excited to announce Twitch Rivals will be featuring Fortnite as one of its games for this month, with $2 million in tournament prizes at stake.

The events span across four days, two events per day, with the first on August 17. Each will be a part of Epic Games’ ongoing Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series, including 49 duo teams from EU or NA competing for $260,000 in their respective regions.

The first event in the four-event series starts Friday, August 17 with the European tournament at 9 AM PT followed by the North American tournament at 2 PM PT. You can catch all of the action on twitch.tv/TwitchRivals or watch some of the streamers’ perspectives on their own channels:

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