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Track your channel’s growth with the new Channel Analytics page

Apr 17 2018 - By Evan Freitas

All year long, we’re updating the dashboard to give you better feedback on how to succeed on Twitch. For starters, we’re combining your “Revenue” and “Stats” pages into one better and more useful page called “Channel Analytics,” and you can check it out on your dashboard right now.

Revenue and subscription information is now prominently displayed at the top, and the new visual update makes it easier to see where your revenue comes from, how many subscribers you have, and other key information you need to grow your channel. Plus, with info about your top streams and Clips, you can see whether your audience shares your top plays or your best fails the most. And for the first time ever, you’ll be able to set custom start and end dates for your information, letting you see only the numbers you care about.

Over time, we’ll improve the Channel Analytics page to be even more useful. Coming soon, you’ll be able to find new, relevant stats to help you grow by seeing which channels and games your viewers are watching when they aren’t watching your content. With that information, you’ll be better equipped to decide when to stream, what to stream, or who to collaborate with, for example.

We’re updating the dashboard for you, and many more updates are on the way, so your help is crucial. While we gather more feedback and improve your experience, you’ll be able to access both the Channel Analytics page and your previous stats tabs.

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