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You made Raids. We’re making them even better

Nov 2 2017 - By Brian

Raids were invented by creators as a fun way to help each other support and grow their communities. If you haven’t had the chance to start or join one yourself, here’s what you’re missing out on.

We’re so proud of what you’ve done with Raids, and now we’re making Raids official so it’s even easier for everyone to join the party, grow their channels, and support other creators and communities they care about.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Creators type /raid in chat followed by the channel name they want to raid.

  2. Viewers will see a chat message with a countdown.

  3. When the countdown ends, the creator and all viewers will be sent over to the other channel. The raided channel will be hosted automatically as well, so no more manual work is required!

Creators and moderators can see a list of channels that recently raided them in their chat gear settings. They can also moderate raids from this menu by using follower-only mode, or by adjusting their dashboard settings.

Got that? Great! Here’s how it all looks in action.

Raids are now available for everyone on Twitch. For all the info you could possibly want to know about Raids, check out our help page.

Happy raiding! We hope to see you, all of you, soon.

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