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Get ready to celebrate TwitchUnity!

May 12 2017 - By Anna Robinson

Creating a platform full of unique creators, and building the tools to allow those creators to make their channels safe spaces, have been guiding principles of Twitch since it’s inception. So much so, that we’ve even written “Welcome everyone” into our company values. We’re incredibly proud that our users have adopted this mentality, building acceptance as a key part of what it means to bleedPurple.

We hope you’ll join us on May 26th as we celebrate “TwitchUnity” — a site-wide holiday celebrating inclusivity and diversity on our streams, chats, apps, and community at large in a variety of ways (including the launch of a brand new global emote!) Read on to find out how you can join in!

Use your platform, lift your voice!

On May 26th, we encourage you to spend some time on your stream or in uploads talking to your community about what TwitchUnity means to you. Plan your own show, event, or usual broadcast to celebrate your way, or, if you don’t know where to start, just fire up IRL and answer questions like:

Tell us stories from your life on Twitch…or just share something from your heart about what it means to be a part of the Twitch community at large! If you need some inspiration, check out this video in preparation for the day!

In order to show that you are participating in TwitchUnity, set your stream to broadcast to the TwitchUnity Community and, if you like, download this free graphics package provided by the Twitch creative team to integrate with your own! (it uses our new TwitchUnity emote and, of course, lots of perfect Twitch purple).

Participate and express yourself!

Even if you’re not a streamer yourself, there are plenty of ways for you to take part in celebrating TwitchUnity! Tune in to your favorite streamers in the TwitchUnity Community or, if you want to discover someone new, look for a selection of featured TwitchUnity streamers rotating on our front page all day! Don’t forget to drop lots of TwitchUnity emotes in every chat you visit, that day and into the future, in order to spread the message of inclusion to everyone on Twitch.

Streamers, viewers, their parents and their pets alike can also show off their TwitchUnity spirit IRL by sporting a special edition TwitchUnity tshirt! Check out the Teespring campaign here. All proceeds from the sales of the shirt will go to Amnesty International.

Party with us!

As for us, we’ll be streaming for TwitchUnity with a special Twitch WeeklyTakeover on May 26th, which will be directly followed by a 3 hour Just Dance Dance-a-thon from the Twitch office, featuring Twitch staff and hosted by Just Dance pro, LittleSiha. Watch on www.twitch.tv/twitch, and make donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in order to dance along with us on screen.

Use #TwitchUnity on social media to talk about the event, share great content, and tell the world what TwitchUnity means to you.

A very special thanks to our partners 8BitDylan, AdamKoebel, animatedbreak, AnneMunition, BanzaiBaby, Bluejay, DeafGamersTV, DistractedElf, DjTechlive, ElleBee_, Fats, KayPikeFashion, Lil_Lexi, OddishPlaysGames, okaydrian, SeriouslyClara, and snowlit for their help in creating our TwitchUnity promotional videos.

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