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Watch StarCraft 2: Legacy Of The Void and Win

Nov 10 2015

The post-Blizzcon _StarCraft 2: Legacy Of The Void_ hype is real, and we’ve got just the thing to celebrate. Head over to the official StarCraft Legacy of the Void Team page right now to take part in the Legacy of the Void Celebration Event Giveaway.

A giveaway? Right now?

Yes, and yes. Throughout the day, just by watching Legacy Of The Void on Twitch, you’ll have a chance to win amazing prizes courtesy of Blizzard and Razer. Here are some of the prizes that will be up for grabs:

That’s not all, some of your favorite broadcasters will be hosted from the official StarCraft page as well. Until 10PM PT, watch LiviBee, MaximusBlack, BasetradeTV, HuK, Nathanias, RotterdaM, iNcontroL, Fenner, and Destiny for all the expansion excitement.

Our lives for Aiur!

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