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Android V3.0 FAQ

Jul 31 2014

Ask and ye shall receive. Below are some of the most frequent questions we’ve received for Android V3.0. Keep them coming!

How do I change transcodes/video quality?

  1. Tap on the video player to bring up the settings icon (looks like a cog).. This will pull up your viewing options.

  2. Select the broadcast quality you want and tap apply.

Does the application show partners only (or only top 1k broadcasts)?

The application shows all streams, so long as your device can play it. Sometimes, broadcasters set their video [bitrate] settings very high, beyond what some phones can display. This is pretty rare, as most devices are very powerful.

How can I switch between portrait and landscape viewing if I’ve turned rotation off in my phone settings?

  1. Tap the video player to bring up the fullscreen button (looks like arrows pointing diagonally out or in).

  2. Switch between viewing modes.

Can I turn chat off?

No. But, if you click full screen or watch the broadcast in landscape, you will not see chat.

How do I follow someone who isn’t live?

  1. Tap the menu icon on the top left and select the search option.

  2. Select people and then type in the name of the broadcaster you want to follow.

  3. Tap his or her name to pull up the profile card.

  4. Tap the heart icon on the top right to follow.

What version of Android do I need?

To use our app, your device needs to run Android 4.0 and up.

How do I search for games/channels?

Tap the menu icon on the top left and select the search option.

When will we get Chromecast?

It’s on our roadmap! Soon™.

Where are the broadcast titles?

We’ll be adding broadcast titles in a future update.

My chat freezes when I go to another app and return to Twitch. Is this going to be fixed?

Yes. This and other bugs are prioritized against new features. We try to maintain a balance where important bugs are fixed, but we don’t delay new features.

Please feel free to report any bugs you find. If it is a known bug, it still helps us by providing insight into the bug’s visibility.

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