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July is Talk Show Month on Twitch

Jul 1 2021

Welcome to the Show!

This month we want to highlight the talkers, the conversationalists, and those who are gifted with the gab. All month long we’ll be featuring Talk Shows and Podcast streamers who will make you think, laugh, and geek out about your favorite topics.

Join us as we sit down and listen to some of your favorite streamers, and make sure to tag @Twitch to let us know who your favorite Talk Shows and Podcasts are on Twitch!

July 1st browngirlgamercode 12PM-2PM PT
July 2nd mrsdrlupo 9AM-11AM PT
July 3rd maya 12PM-2PM PT
July 4th mrhappy1227 12PM-2PM PT
July 5th dcp_live 1PM-3PM PT
July 6th runthefutmarket 12PM-2PM PT
July 7th justinryoung 10AM-12PM PT
July 8th gaymingmag 1PM-3PM PT
July 9th tweakmusictips 10AM-12PM PT
July 10th mrhappy1227 12PM-2PM PT
July 11th ms5000watts 12PM-2PM PT
July 12th itmejp 9AM-11AM PT
July 13th feliciaday 7PM-9PM PT
July 14th spawnonme 6PM-8PM PT
July 15th kindafunnygames 12PM-2PM PT
July 16th haylinic 10AM-12PM PT
July 17th melaningamers 12PM-2PM PT
July 18th gaymingmag 1PM-3PM PT
July 19th itmejp 9AM-11AM PT
July 20th browngirlgamercode 12PM-2PM PT
July 21st themavshow 7PM-9PM PT
July 22nd lowco 10AM-12PM PT
July 23rd blazybard 2PM-4PM PT
July 24th themavshow 7PM-9PM PT
July 25th justinryoung 10AM-12PM PT
July 26th sajam 1PM-3PM PT
July 27th feliciaday 7PM-9PM PT
July 28th spawnonme 6PM-8PM PT
July 29th kindafunnygames 12PM-2PM PT
July 30th sajam 1PM-3PM PT
July 31th haylinic 10AM-12PM PT

For creators, this will be a great opportunity to network with one another and ultimately grow their viewership through best practices and tips from two webinars they’ll be asked to attend.


Talk Shows are and have been a popular medium for anyone to create their own content and share it with the internet. When interacting with your community live-streaming a talk show can be an experience that allows you to communicate with them in real time. The best Talk Shows introduce the creator’s most powerful voice, community. Getting your Talk Show started on Twitch is easier than you think! Be sure to check out our Twitch 101, Hardware Basics, and Community Guidelines Creator Camps to give you a comfortable start! 

The Talk Show Month Creator Camp session and article will include tips on how to make sure you have the right equipment, more in depth hardware recommendations for Talk Shows on Twitch. The Talk Show Basics article will also go into detail about the intricacies of a live show format and why building this relationship with your community is important. During the live Creator Camp session on July 21st you’ll learn from some of your favorite creators on what they’ve learned and what they wish they’d known when they began live streaming their Talk Shows on Twitch. Don’t miss it!

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