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Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Representation: The First-Ever Gayming Awards

Feb 22 2021

Together with /gaymingmag, we’re excited to celebrate LGBTQIA+ voices and their contributions to gaming with the first-ever Gayming Awards, streaming exclusively on Twitch. 

From streamers to game makers to even LGBTQIA+ characters within popular games, each added voice from an LGBTQIA+ perspective helps further amplify better and fairer representation for the community. And 2020 was an especially remarkable year, from the groundbreaking Tell Me Why’s Tyler Ronan as the first transgender playable main character from a major studio to the The Last of Us II’s Ellie as a starring lesbian protagonist. 

To recognize these breakthroughs, the inaugural Gayming Awards will host a wide range of categories to celebrate and highlight all LGBTQIA+ voices of the gaming industry and community. 

The categories are: 

Now get cozy, grab a snack, and tune in to watch the Gayming Awards with one of our featured co-streamers, /gaymingmag, or with /twitchgaming on Feb. 24th at 12PM PT. 

Featured Creators  

To help usher-in the first-ever Gayming Awards we’re excited to partner with an amazing lineup of Twitch creators to co-stream the show. 

And If you’re a streamer you too can watch alongside your community by co-streaming the Gayming Awards and celebrating together.

How and when can I co-stream this event?

On February 24th at 12PM PT take part in the event and co-stream it with your community! If you’re new to co-streaming here is a guide to help get you started. 

Co-Streaming Tips: 

See you at the show—


Updated: Originally this post stated that Tell My Why had the first playable trans character this is inaccurate.


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