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Get exclusive Twitch Sings loot with Twitch Prime

Jul 9 2019 - By Evan Freitas

Twitch Sings is partnering with Twitch Prime to bring Prime members six exclusive avatar outfits. Starting in July there will be one new outfit each month through December.

How it works

Step 1: Once you have Claimed your offer, launch Twitch Sings and go to the Avatar Menu.

Step 2: Click on the Style Tab. There is a list of various icons where you can find the pieces of the outfit you unlocked: Accessories, Hats and Head Wear, Tops, Gloves, Pants and Skirts, Socks and Shoes.

If you’re new to Twitch Sings you can download the game here. Once you’ve sung your first song the full game will be unlocked and you can follow the steps above to equip your avatar’s new outfit.

Starting July 11th Prime users can claim the first Prime Loot offer for their avatar in Twitch Sings. Check back each month through December for a brand new outfit, free for Twitch Prime members!

July — Unicorn Onesie

August — Lifeguard Outfit

September — School Uniform Outfit

October — Skeleton Outfit

November — Snowman Outfit

December — Coming Soon

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