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Prime Subscription and Loot Reminder Extension Now Available!

Feb 28 2018 - By Joveth Gonzalez

We at Twitch Prime are excited to introduce the new Prime Subscription & Loot Reminder Extension, which is now available to all streamers on Twitch starting today. This extension will notify viewers of your channel when they have a new Twitch Prime channel subscription available to use and when there is new Twitch Prime loot to claim. Viewers who do not have Twitch Prime will see a crown icon that lets them know how to get a free sub to spend on your channel when they sign up for Twitch Prime.

To get the extension, select the extensions tab on the left hand side of your broadcaster dashboard. Search for ‘Prime Subscription and Loot Reminder’ and click through to install and activate.

If you’re strictly a Twitch viewer, be sure to let your favorite streamer know about the extension!

We’ve compiled a brief FAQ for additional information:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to disable other video overlays to use the Prime Subscription and Loot Reminder?

**Yes, currently you may only install one video overlay extension at a time. We know this current limitation may be an inconvenience and are currently working through a solution. Stay tuned for additional updates.

Can a viewer subscribe to my channel directly from the icon?

No. This icon reminds viewers that a subscription or loot is available. Subscribing still happens through the sub button, and claiming loot still happens through the Crown Icon and we are looking at options to improve this experience.

What if a viewer has a free sub, free in-game loot, and free games available to download? Which icon will show?

Sub Ready icons will always be prioritized when applicable. Loot and game download icons will only show for users who have already claimed their free sub for the month. Regardless of a viewer’s status, the icon will disappear in 10 seconds if they don’t mouse over the icon.

What devices can this extension be used on?

Currently extension are only available on desktop.

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