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“Alexa, open Twitch”

Dec 11 2017 - By Ryan Balke

Kappa, meet Alexa.

Alexa, meet Kappa.

We’re super excited to announce the launch of our Twitch Skill on all Alexa-enabled devices in the U.S. Now your dream of controlling Twitch with your voice (you’ve had that dream, right?) can become reality. The Twitch Skill lets you play your favorite channels, discover new streamers, get notified when your favorite channels start streaming, and get a reminder when your Twitch Prime subscription is available to use.

So, how do you make this magic happen? Simply enable the notifications permission for the Twitch skill in your Alexa app to start receiving them. Alexa will let you know anytime a followed channel you have notifications enabled for starts broadcasting. To manage notifications on channels you follow, just go to

Other features supported in this version of the Skill include:

Have an idea for a feature? Having a problem with the skill? Let us know at

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