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Webhooks, Games API, and Video Retrieval API

Oct 24 2017 - By Caroline Ratajski

Webhooks Are Here

The wait is over! We’re officially launching Webhooks, in Preview*. Gone are the days of constantly polling Twitch APIs for data updates. Now you can simply subscribe to a topic and get notified immediately when updates happen. And as a bonus, there’s no need to worry about rate limiting when waiting for updates.

We’re launching with a webhook notification for our current User Follows data. Get notified immediately when you receive new followers or when your favorite streamer finds someone new to follow.

This is the just the start of Webhooks at Twitch. Keep an eye on the roadmap for what’s coming next.

Have questions? We recommend you start with reading the W3 Spec for WebSub. We did our very best to adhere closely to this spec in order to give our developers a clear and consistent webhooks experience. Hopefully it gives you a great place to start. And of course, if you have more questions, the forums and TwitchDev chat are always open.

Games API and Videos Retrieval API

In addition to Webhooks, we’re releasing the Games API, which allows you to retrieve information for specific games, and the Videos Retrieval API, which allows you to retrieve information for specific videos.

When we released our first endpoints under Users and Streams, we told you the new Twitch API was the start of a big initiative to make an API we’d be excited to share and you’d be excited to use. This is just the beginning and we’re continuing to listen to your feedback.

We can’t wait to see what you build!

*Our definition of release stages can be found here.

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