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Find the streams of your dreams with new Hearthstone & Overwatch directory filters

Aug 17 2017 - By Noreen T. M.

With hundreds of streams to choose from at any given time, there’s no shortage of Hearthstone and Overwatch on Twitch. So how do you find the streams you really want to watch?

Now you can filter Overwatch streams by the hero being played and find Hearthstone streams by Hero class and Game Mode.

Die-hard Tracer fan? Want to pick up some tips so you can finally master Genji? We’ve got you covered. Use the filter on the Overwatch directory to find the hero you’re looking for.

On the Hearthstone directory, you can find streams by Hero class or get even more nitty gritty with the Game Mode filter. You can filter to find streamers on the verge of winning their 11th match in Arena mode or browse ranked streams for a chance to see someone finally hit Legend.

The best part?

Streamers don’t have to do anything new to be included! Just go ahead and stream as usual — there’s no account linking or extra sign-up required.

Instead, we’re using computer vision and machine learning technology to figure out what’s going on in your game. As you stream to Twitch, we analyze and categorize the video in just-about-real-time (with some minor delays that you might notice if a streamer switches heroes mid-match in Overwatch).

This totally futuristic tech comes courtesy of the team behind ClipMine, who have really hit the ground running as the newest part of the Twitch family. Their Deep Learning based video indexing platform lets us automatically translate visual information into video metadata, which roughly translates to, “keep your eyes peeled for even more slick updates soon.”

Until then, you can find the perfect streams and start discovering new streamers right now. Just check out the filters on the Hearthstone and Overwatch directory pages to get started.

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