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Lord Zedd’s Monster Maker

Mar 20 2017 - By Kyle (Monkey on Strike)

For years, Lord Zedd stopped at nothing to defeat the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. You can’t blame his failures on a lack of effort, or creativity. With the help of his magic staff, he was able to transform any object into a monster capable of untold horrors. From iguanas to trumpets, any living creature or inanimate object could be turned into a giant that only a force like the Power Rangers could take down.

While Lord Zedd was never ultimately able to defeat the Power Rangers, we always wondered what would happen if someone else was able to use his staff. Would their monster finally take down the Rangers? At long last, we will find out, and that someone is you!

We want to see the monsters you would create to defeat the Power Rangers, and you can use any object in the world as inspiration. It could be something in your house, something at your job, something on the other side of the earth — if you can turn it into a giant monster that even Megazord would consider backing away from, you’re on the right track. Make sure you show off what the monster was inspired by.

When you’re ready to unleash your monster upon Angel Grove, tweet a picture or video of it to @TwitchCreates, using the hashtag #PowerRangers. Some of the toughest, scariest and even funniest monsters will be shown off by us. Good luck making your monsters grow — we can’t wait to see what you create!

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