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An introduction to Twitch Research Power Group (RPG)

Jun 29 2016 - By Evan Freitas

As the Twitch community grows and evolves, it’s important to take a look at what’s been working and what could use some extra TLC. So, to help paint a clearer picture of the state of Twitch, we recently launched the Twitch Research Power Group, or Twitch RPG for short. It’s a place for the community to tell us how and why they use Twitch, and provide detailed feedback. Want to know more about how it works and how you could get involved? This blog post holds the answers you seek.

What is Twitch RPG?

Twitch RPG is a way for you, the Twitch viewer, to help us better understand your perspective and make Twitch even better. Why? While we know things like how much you watch Twitch (a lot), we don’t know much about you and your likes.

When you join Twitch RPG, you’ll help us improve the Twitch user experience by taking surveys, enter sweepstakes for Twitch gear, vote on new emotes, and be part of an exclusive group of Twitch users.

Why Twitch RPG?

We created Twitch RPG for two reasons.

First, it gives you a way to communicate with us about anything that falls outside the scope of standard Twitch support. If you’ve got great ideas on how to make Twitch better, this is the place to send them. This is not the place to get support for technical issues, Twitch Support is still your go-to for that.

Second, it gives us a way to ask you questions and get your feedback directly so we can improve the Twitch user experience much more quickly.

Who’s behind Twitch RPG?

Twitch RPG was created by our Audience Insights team with the goal of eventually building a community big enough to represent the diversity of Twitch users.

How can I join?

Sign up at, and we’ll send you an invite when space opens up.

Are there restrictions to joining?

Right now membership is limited to North America and the EU, but we’re planning to expand to other parts of the world as soon as possible!

What do I get for being part of Twitch RPG?

Besides the (obvious) satisfaction of helping improve Twitch, you’ll get access to:

What type of information is being gathered?

Most of the questions are aimed at learning your likes and dislikes in games, media, and Twitch in general, with an occasional fun survey thrown in.

How is the information that I provide being used?

We’ll use your answers and feedback to better understand your likes and dislikes, and in turn offer a better user experience. Any information you provide will be used only in accordance with the Twitch Privacy Policy.

Can I opt out?

You can opt out of Twitch RPG at any time. There’s no obligation to membership, so if you’re curious we encourage you to give it a try. We’d hate to see you go, but breakups happen :(

What’s with the pig?

That’s Lando Oinkrissian! He’s the raddest pig in the galaxy (or at least middle earth) and he’s the unofficial official mascot of Twitch RPG! Follow him on Instagram at Lando_the_pig to see what he’s up to.

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