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Making Stream Interruptions a Thing of the Past

May 13 2016 - By Noreen T. M.

Making Stream Interruptions a Thing of the Past: A Video Quality Options Update

Every Twitch streamer works hard to provide the best experience for their viewers. From adding graphic overlays, to investing in new video equipment, the Twitch community has consistently shown how important it is to give viewers a stream with that extra level of polish. With that goal in mind, we’re always looking for new ways to support every streamer’s efforts, from our OG Twitch Partners to the future Partners out there who are still building an audience.

So to help make that a little easier for you, we’re making some changes to how we distribute Video Quality Options (or, ‘transcodes’) when we have capacity that extends beyond Twitch Partners.

All Twitch Partners receive Video Quality Options on their channels by default, and Quality Options are still distributed to non-Partners based on overall site-wide capacity. Now, when we have additional capacity, in most cases, streamers will see them on their channels as soon as they go live, instead of mid-stream. We heard your feedback that applying Quality Options mid-stream was disruptive to viewers, and this should cut down on interruptions and keep your recorded streams in a single video. Streamers who are consistently working on growing their channels should benefit most from these changes going forward.

Happy Streaming!

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