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Ad-Free Subs Are Here!

Apr 26 2016 - By Noreen T. M.

Ad-Free Subs Now Available For All Partnered Channels

We announced Ad-Free Subs at the PAX East Twitch Town Hall last week, and now it’s here! Starting today, Partners have the option to include Ad-Free Viewing alongside all of the other awesome benefits viewers will get with a Channel Subscription.

Now when you support your favorite streamers with a subscription, you’ll be able to watch their channels without any interruptions from pre-roll or in-stream ad breaks. If you don’t have Turbo, you’ll still see ads on other parts of the Channel Page and video ads on other channels, but subbed channels will stream ad-free when a Partner enables this feature.

Partners can choose whether or not to include Ad-Free Viewing in their channel’s Subscriber benefits, so make sure to double check for each channel before you sub. This option is available to all Partners with a subscription option, regardless of how long they’ve been a Partner or how many Subscribers they have.

Partners, you can manage the Ad-Free Viewing settings alongside the rest of your Subscriber benefits on the Partner Settings tab of your Broadcaster Dashboard. If you have questions about the feature, you can reach out to or read through the Partner Settings Guide.

Happy Subbing!

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