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Full-spectrum Analytics for Twitch Extensions Developers

Aug 7 2018 - By Kristin Chen

In 2018, we are focused on delivering the tools developers need to build, monetize, and grow their Twitch Extensions. We recently announced Bits-in-Extensions and several updates to the Developer Rig that will make it easier for developers to build Extensions that can create revenue on Twitch.

Today, we’re announcing Extensions Developer Analytics V2. With this update, we’re providing more powerful and actionable insights about a Twitch Extension’s lifecycle. This insight gives developers a full-spectrum view of its performance, so that they can identify potential bottlenecks in the funnel and make data-driven product decisions that keeps streamers and viewers coming back for more.

What’s New

In addition to the 13 install, activation, and engagement data metrics available with our last release, V2 delivers 34 new metrics for developers to improve the performance of a published Twitch Extension. These new metrics will allow developers to track if new features, or updates, increase interactivity with their Extensions on a live stream and help with streamer and viewer retention.

The new data columns fall into the following categories.

For a full list of available metrics, see the technical documentation.

Recent Successes

Twitch Extensions developers are using the current version of Extensions Developer Analytics to update and improve their products based on the reported data. For instance, Porcupine uses Extension Analytics to understand if interaction rates increase after they release an Extension update.

“We pride ourselves on building highly interactive live experiences, and it is measurements like Interaction Rate that help back up our claim, and more importantly — continuously improve our products,” said Ido Tal, Co-founder and CEO of Porcupine. “Recently, Porcupine was able to use Extension Developer Analytics to determine that Live Pets’ Interaction Rate doubled to 21.13% following a single update Porcupine released earlier this year, according to Tal.

For both contracted developers and those working on their own projects, like Barry Carlyon, Extension Analytics helps shed light on what broadcasters and viewers want.

“Extension analytics help me, as a developer, to see how new updates to my published Extensions change how people use my Extensions”, said contracted developer and streamer, Barry Carlyon. “The last release (coinciding with the components launch) saw a near 50% increase in clicks per interaction. I can now compare my versions and see what people want quantitatively, where I lack qualitative feedback.”

Developers can start using Extensions Developer Analytics today either through the Developer Dashboard of via the Twitch API. Here’s how:

Getting Started

There are two ways to access Extension Analytics: the Twitch API or your Extensions dashboard.

Extension Analytics API: Read more in the documentation.

Extensions dashboard:

  1. Login to dev.twitch.tv

  2. Navigate to your Extensions dashboard (Dashboard > Extensions)

  3. Click Export CSV Data to download performance data for your Extension.

We’d love to hear what insights your team find useful to your product roadmap and what else would you like to see? Please keep your feedback coming in the Insights forum or contact the Twitch Insights team at insights@twitch.tv.

Ready to get started with Insights? Learn more now!

If you’re a streamer and you want to get started with Extensions, here is a list of current Twitch Extensions.

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