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One year and 220,000+ Affiliates later…

Apr 24 2018 - By Brittany Brown

In the past year, over 220,000 new Affiliates have begun growing their communities and receiving support on Twitch. This surge of new streamers of all kinds has been amazing to see, and well beyond anything we could have imagined. To all of our Affiliates and their viewers, thank you!

With the Affiliate program turning one today, we’re taking a look back at how the Affiliates program has changed and celebrating the occasion with some of the best moments you’ve all made together so far… plus a few more goodies. Let’s jump right in with a look at what everyone has accomplished.

Plus, with the addition of new features like Subscription tiers, Top Cheerers, Bits in Extensions, and Gear on Amazon, new streamers are getting better opportunities to serve their communities and aspire to make a living off their passions. Whether Affiliates aspire to become Partners or simply want to share their creativity with a small audience, with these tools, they can do their streams, their way. There are always more features on the way, so stay tuned.

As for today, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the best Affiliate moments you’ve all shared with us. We could talk you all up, but we’ll just let this video do it for us.

Also, during the celebration, we’re releasing a brand new party hat global emote, as well as a custom party popper Cheermote. Both are available to anyone on Twitch, and they’ll stick around for good to help us all out in future festivities.

When we put out a call for Clips earlier this month, over 600 Affiliates sent us their best. Thank you all for such an incredible response! With so many entries, we knew we had to showcase even more streamers, so we’re highlighting a few Affiliates on the Twitch homepage and Twitch Weekly. And of course, hit us up @Twitch on Twitter where we’ll share tons more great memories and Clips all day long.

For more information on the Twitch Affiliate Program, visit https://affiliate.twitch.tv.

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