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Château Showdown: Let the Deathmatch Begin!

Dec 11 2017 - By Brittany Brown

Ah, there you are. Let’s take a trip near Annecy in southeastern France with Anthony_Kongphan, CDNThe3rd, DizzyKitten, Elspeth and LIRIK. Starting on December 13th through December 17th, watch as each streamer fends for themselves playing Free-For-All Deathmatch mode in Overwatch.

How does it work?

Each streamer will compete individually in an effort to rack up as many points as possible within a two-hour time period.

1st place in Free-For-All game — 15 points 2nd place in Free-For-All game — 10 points 3rd place in Free-For-All game — 5 points Play of the Game — 10 points Per Kill — 1 point

In addition to these points, streamers can earn additional points with their communities’ help. Yep, you have control over who wins! Just tweet using the hashtag #ChateauShowdown accompanied by your favorite streamer’s name. Example: #ChateauShowdownCDNTHE3RD

What’s in it for me?

A total of 350 digital copies of Overwatch (70 per broadcast) will be given away while each streamer is competing. Tune in to each streamer’s channel for more information!

WHERE: Châteaushowdown.com WHEN: December 13th — 17th

CDNThe3rd — Wednesday, 12/13, at 10:00am PT DizzyKitten — Thursday, 12/14, at 10:00am PT LIRIK — Friday, 12/15, at 10:00am PT Anthony_Kongphan — Saturday, 12/16, at 5:00pm PT Elspeth — Sunday, 12/17, at 10:00am PT

For live broadcasts, schedules, leaderboards and more, visit Châteaushowdown.com!

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