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Nephalem, it’s time to descend once more into the crypts to join forces with the Necromancer.

Jun 26 2017 - By Stephanie Guzzardo

Nephalem, it’s time to descend once more into the crypts to join forces with the Necromancer. Not seen since Diablo II, the Necromancer makes their way into Diablo III in the Rise of the Necromancer pack. Now, players can master the skills of blood, bone, and dark arts to fight the armies of hell.

To help celebrate this exciting new release, we are shining the spotlight on members of the Diablo community here on Twitch! Join Leviathan111, BigDaddyDen76, Spontainy, Bluddshed, and Rhykker as they level, gear up, and master their Necromancers.

Like cosplay? You can also tune in and watch VertVixen and AndyRaeCosplay as they work on their new Necromancer Cosplay costumes, which they will showcase at BlizzCon 2017! Both are long time fans of Blizzard and Diablo, and you may recognize their previous work:

You can find the full schedule of front page features by visiting the Community Spotlight page. Don’t forget to drop a follow so you can know when your fav streamers go live!

Necromancer Clips Contest

Want a chance to win some scary good Diablo loot? We are also hosting a special clips contest where we want you to clip and share epic Necromancer moments from your favorite Diablo streamers. The top 3 most popular clips will be featured on social media, and both the streamer and clip creator will win some great Diablo loot!

You learn more by reading the official rules and visiting the NecroClips website starting June 27th.

Watch Night of the Necromancer on Launch Day!

Join the launch day hype and watch Jessica Chobot stream Rise of the Necromancer from one of the most haunted places in America on the official Diablo channel.

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