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Okay, you got us… here’s the REAL way to share what you think about Clips

Apr 3 2017 - By Noreen T. M.

Last week we introduced Emote Effects, completely excessive overlays you could add to your Clips by editing the title, and, well, Happy (belated) April Fool’s Day!

To those of you who spotted this gag a mile away: we hereby grant you bragging rights and gloating privileges. You may now share this blog with all your friends as incontrovertible proof that you were right. We tried to bait you, but you could not be #Jebaited.

For those of you who didn’t catch on quite as quickly, it’s okay. Starting today, you can now add reactions to clips. For real this time. WE promise.

Whether it’s a clip you’ve made or a clip you’re watching, you can react with your global and subscription emotes to share your feelings with Clip creators, streamers, and the whole Clip community.

Don’t let your memes be dreams. Try it now.

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