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Entering open beta, Friends is available on mobile

Jun 21 2016 - By Brian Petrocelli

While the rest of the world knows Twitch as the go-to place to watch gamers play games, our community understands that it’s also just as much about the people you meet and the friends you make. So to honor the friendships we’ve all made on Twitch, we set out to create Friends, a feature that will help you strengthen and keep track of all those connections.

Since the Friends Invite-Only Beta began one month ago, we’ve been blown away by the over ONE MILLION friendships created. But the Friends hype train has only just left the station. Starting today Friends enters open beta, meaning we are launching Friends to everyone! That means no more wondering if your buddy is AFK making some Totino’s Pizza Rolls (#sellout), because you’ll see their online status and be able to whisper with one click!

But wait! There’s more. No Kappa.

Friends is now available on iOS and Android as well. Tap the chat bubble icon in the top right corner and you’ll have easy access to your Friends List and your whispers. So now even when you are outside in the real world shudder, you can still easily hit up all your Twitch friends!

Don’t have the Twitch mobile app? Find it at iTunes or Google Play.

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