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Bring More Friends to TwitchCon and Earn Rewards!

Apr 20 2016 - By Alice Karsevar

We want you and your friends to join us at TwitchCon! So, we’re announcing a referral program for all TwitchCon ticket-buyers that rewards you when your friends buy TwitchCon tickets using your referral link. Your ticket can become cheaper or even free if you get enough friends (or frenemies) to join you at TwitchCon! If you haven’t got a ticket yet, get one here.

How it works

When you purchase your ticket, you will receive an email confirmation with a unique referral link to share via social, email, chat, carrier pigeon, or your next stream.

3 friends buy tickets = 25% refund 5 friends buy tickets = 50% refund 10 friends buy tickets = Your ticket is FREE!

You can also snag the referral URL by logging into your TicketFairy account and selecting “My Orders” on the top right of the page. Then, click on “Details” for your TwitchCon ticket order.

Right after TwitchCon, the amount you’ve earned will be refunded directly to the card used to purchase.


Q: My friends already bought tickets before you announced this program. Can I still get credit for them? A: In order for you to get credit for your friends tickets, they MUST be purchased using the unique referral link provided.

Q: What if I sell 4 tickets? Do I get a 37.5% refund? A: No, the refund amounts are set to go up as you reach the next goal. If you sell 4, you haven’t reached the goal of 5 yet, so you will get a 25% refund for reaching the goal of 3.

Q: What if one of my referrals cancels their ticket? A: The refund or partial refund you have earned through ticket referrals will be credited to you after TwitchCon is over. If your friend cancels their ticket, you will not receive credit for that sale.

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