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Announcing the Twitch App for Xbox 360

May 13 2013

Nearly one year ago, the world caught it’s first glimpse of the Twitch App for Xbox 360. Actually wait, no they didn’t. We were but a teeny, tiny logo amidst Microsoft’s massive E3 presentation. And now that I think about it, no one even knew it was us as we’d yet to unveil our new logo and branding. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, you’ve all been waiting a very long time for something you probably figured was nothing more than a wild fever dream.

We’re thrilled to inform you all that it was no dream, and this is really happening. The Twitch App for Xbox 360 will be made available today for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers in the U.S.

The Twitch App for Xbox 360 will bring the top 300 live channels to your big screen, with the ability to browse the directory by top channels, games and featured content. Best of all, the Twitch App for Xbox 360 is Kinect-enabled, allowing you to control the entire experience with voice or motion controls. It’s oddly satisfying to tell your Xbox to play StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, or any other obviously non-Xbox title, and have it load up the channel. Truly, this is a brave new world.

We hope you’ll agree that this has been worth the wait, as there’s nothing quite like watching Twitch from the comfort of your living room. Go fire up your Xbox, download the Twitch app, and let us know what you think. We’re very interested in hearing your feedback.

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