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Welcome to League Week on Twitch: Watch, Compete, and Improve Your Game

Feb 17 2020

If you love League of Legends like we do, there’s no such thing as too much League. That’s why all week long, we’re tripling down on new stuff to do in Summoner’s Rift. Together with Riot Games, we’re unveiling new ways to play, watch, and learn winning strategies from your favorite streamers. It all starts on February 18 with League Week on Twitch!

Twitch Rivals Streamer Showdown

League Week kicks off with the second League of Legends Twitch Rivals tournament of the year. The Streamer Showdown is a head-to-head Robin Round event featuring 80 streamers in a 16-team competition to be the last team standing in Summoner’s Rift. Beyond bragging rights, teams are competing for $75,000 in prizes. Stop by and watch your favorite League streamers battle for the grand prize, featuring Pokimane, Scarra, Yassuo, and C9 Sneaky’s (/sneakylol) Twitch Rivals debut. For a full list of streamers and teams, visit the tournament page here. The competition starts on February 18 at 12PM PST and builds up to the playoffs on February 20 starting at 11 AM PST.

Follow the action at /twitchrivals

Clash Mode Launch

When you play League, everyone is a champion. Now you and your friends can prove it during the opening weekend of Clash tournament mode. Clash lets players form a 5-person team and join a bracket of similarly ranked teams to compete for fame and glory. Clash tournaments are on Saturday, February 22 and Sunday, February 23, and teams can clash again if the first day battles didn’t go as planned. (It’s okay. We all throw sometimes).

Clash requires tickets to enter. You can get a basic ticket for Blue Essence or a premium ticket for RP. But don’t worry, we got you!

To celebrate the launch of Clash, viewers who watch the Twitch Rivals Streamer Showdown are eligible to earn free Clash tickets to opening weekend tournaments via Twitch Drops. All viewers have to do is tune in to /twitchrivals or participating streamers’ channels during the live broadcast, and connect their Riot account with their Twitch account, here,  to be eligible. Viewers who earned Clash tickets will receive them from Riot on February 21.

Read more about Clash here

Live Tracker Extension for League of Legends

Finally, and just in time for Clash, Twitch is launching the Live Tracker extension to help viewers get the most out of League matches. When activated on a channel, the Live Tracker extension helps viewers spectate a streamer’s match data live and on-demand. Viewers will be able to inspect a streamer’s Summoner stats, Scoreboard, Build, and Match History any time to learn how their favorite streamers build their abilities and purchase items to carry their teams to victory. 

Starting on February 20, Twitch streamers can install the Live Tracker extension on their channel right here

There’s no better way to watch the launch of Clash!

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