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Introducing Twitchverse, plus our first show of the decade!

Jan 8 2020

At Twitch, we put all of you, the community, at the center of everything we do. Which is why we are opening new doors—both literally and figuratively—to the community in the form of an interactive experience called the Twitchverse.

Twitchverse is an always-on digital aquarium (just wait, it gets weirder) that offers a whole new way to support your favorite streamers, and to discover new ones. The “creatures” in the aquarium all represent Partnered channels and their communities, and, like the communities they represent, it’s up to all of you to feed them so they grow. If that sounds a little odd, well… it definitely is, but we’re going to talk about it more on stream. 

Explore the wide world of Twitch with us on Thursday, January 9 at 2:30PM PT on /twitch, as we officially unveil /twitchverse in our first show of the year.

Without the support of our incredible community, Twitch itself wouldn’t exist. Which is why the Twitchverse visualization is front and center in the brand new lobby of our IRL headquarters in San Francisco. If you’re in town, feel free to stop by and say HeyGuys. 

And please, do touch the glass.

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