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Twitch Prime members, get even more from Call of Duty: WWII!

Dec 8 2017 - By Robert Busey

Starting December 8th, Twitch Prime members will have a lot to look forward to as Activision has partnered up with Twitch Prime to offer Call of Duty®: WWII players Supply Drops and Weapon Camos! If you’re not a Twitch Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial at

First up, players who register for Twitch Prime and link to their Activision account will unlock a “Bomb Voyage” Weapon Camo available starting today Pacific to use in Nazi Zombies.

Also beginning today and running until January 2 at 10am Pacific, all players can take part in the Call of Duty: WWII Winter Siege. This themed-event features goodies like a snow-covered Carentan map for all players to experience, the fan-favorite Gun Game mode, and new winter-themed weapons and uniforms all available during Winter Siege. During the Winter Siege event, all players will receive a Winter Siege Supply Drop each week. Make sure to log in each week to get your free Winter Siege Supply Drops. Visit:

Twitch Prime members will receive two additional Winter Siege Supply Drops. To take advantage of the Twitch Prime promotion, head here and create an Activision account. Then link your Twitch Prime account to your Activision account, and you’ll be good to go starting today. Twitch Prime members, you can pick up your two extra Supply Drops each month beginning on December 8, as well as your “Bomb Voyage” Weapon Camo. For more information about the Twitch Prime promotion, visit:

Stay frosty!

Kevin Kelly Editorial Manager — Activision

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