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A few tips for posting on Pulse & Channel Feed

Mar 20 2017 - By Sheila Raju

A little while back we launched Pulse on the Twitch Front Page, and you guys have been posting away like mad. It’s been great to see everyone sharing, connecting, and making us lul. Well, now that Pulse has rolled out to just about everyone, we thought this would be a good time to drop some best practices on you. Pulse can help you connect with and grow your followers, but not all posts are created equal.

Start with video and images

Consider your audience

Try something new

Have fun!

Start with video

In case you haven’t heard, Twitch was built around live streaming video. Pulse is a way for you to connect and interact with your followers and subs through video, even when you’re not streaming.

Share stream highlights, awesome clips, VODs, and more so followers can re-live the moments or catch up if they missed your stream. We support Twitch, Vimeo, and YouTube videos. Supported image types are Imgur and Gfycat.

Consider your audience

Each channel on Twitch is unique, and followers of different channels tend to have different interests We encourage you to lean on types of content your followers enjoy most. Do viewers get excited when you try out a new game? Try sharing a series of posts (with images of the game, your stream setup, and more) that build up to the inaugural stream. Got a ton of emotes in Chat when you reached a new level in Zelda? Post the clip or share a fun meme to celebrate!

Try something new

You may find that certain types of content outperforms others. This can be based on a whole bunch of different variables, so we encourage you to try many different types of posts to see what really resonates. It’s likely that a varied set of posts will garner the most interest. For instance, while posting your weekly streaming schedule is important, try mixing it up with a few personal stream related posts (standing in line to get a new game console?), highlights, or chat-related shoutouts .

Have fun!

When you’re authentic and genuinely enjoy connecting with your followers, it shows. But you already know that. No more explanation needed.

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