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Introducing Pinned Cheers!

Nov 9 2016 - By Robin Fontaine

Introducing the next evolution of Cheering: Pinned Cheers! Now, Cheer messages can be pinned at the top of chat where they will be seen by everyone. Pinned Cheers lets your message be heard above the roar of the crowd in chat.

We are starting the rollout of this feature today with about ½ of channels that have Cheering enabled, and channel owners can opt in or out via their dashboard settings. This is V1 of Pinned Cheers, and we want to gauge response to help us develop the feature. We’ll be gathering feedback here, and are ready to make improvements to the feature based on your responses, and roll it out to more channels when ready.

How it Works

In participating channels, the most recent Cheer will automatically be pinned to the top of chat and will stay there until the next Cheer happens.

If a channel has a minimum number of Bits set for Cheering, that minimum also applies to Pinned Cheers.

Pinned Cheers can be moderated like any other chat message, so the channel owner and mods can keep it classy. Cheers can be unpinned by the person who Cheered, the channel owner or mods by clicking on the trashcan icon, or by typing /unpin in chat.

So bask in the spotlight with your next chat message by making it a Pinned Cheer! Give it a try and let us know what you think here.

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