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VOD: Twitch Weekly for the Week of October 3rd, 2014

Oct 3 2014

Click here for more info and links from this week’s show.

We had another awesome episode of Twitch Weekly this week! If you want to know more about any of the cool stuff we talked about this week, we’ve included links to all the major topics in the post below. Thanks for watching!


New York Comic Con — Ultimate Nerd Expo! Runefest 2014 is kicking off in London Steve Aoki vs Borgore in a Street Fighter IV Showmatch

Site Updates:

Transparency in Sponsored Content and Promotion


Worlds Group Stage Continues in Busan with Knockout Stage — Watch on RiotGames or see more info at LoLEsports ESL One NYC — Huge Dota 2 Tournament coming on October 9–10 — if you live nearby, consider buying tickets and going live! Hearthstone and World of Warcraft BlizzCon NA Qualifiers GSL Finals — Innovation vs soO Big House 4 — Huge Smash Bros. Melee tournament with all the top players The Fall Classic — Sponsored by Twitch! Awesome FGC Tournament


TeamCoco streams on Twitch! Nerdist starts their Twitch stream with a 12 hour broadcast MaximusBlack is getting marred live on Twitch! After Hours Gaming League allows for some corporate esports fun Video Spotlight: ZLive BLA Pick #1: Geoff BLA Pick #2: KungFuFruitCup

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