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A new look for Twitch Developers

May 31 2018 - By Tarun Gangwani

We’ve updated the Twitch Developers site to reflect our commitment toward enabling our community to deliver innovative experiences for live streaming. Since the early days of Twitch development, our community — you — have helped foster the most memorable experiences with our tools and services. Many of you have leveraged the Twitch API to connect streamers with their fans in engaging ways. Many of you have also leveraged the capabilities of Extensions to add a new layer of interactivity to broadcasts, and it is amazing what you’ve built so far.

The underlying theme; developers have redefined what it means to be live on Twitch.

Our new site, which we call the Developer Hub, aims to help educate, enable, and empower our developers to continue to build innovation with our products. As a member of our community, visit the site to get the latest from our team right on the homepage, and discover how to connect with our community via the support page. If you are new to Twitch development, you can get started in minutes with your Twitch ID and the developer rig — Hello World!

We’ve also expanded our search capability to look across the site — click the magnifying glass and start typing. Within seconds, you’ll be able to get results across the docs, our showcases, and other content that can help you learn more about working with our tools.

The new site is just the beginning — we continue to look for ways to bring our community together. Be on the lookout for continued updates to the site as we get closer to Developer Day at TwitchCon 2018 in San Jose on October 25. Hope to see you there!

As always, feel free to send feedback to us via Twitter, the developer forums, or within the Twitch Desktop App. Thanks for your support!

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