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Let’s Play…the Darwin Project?

Feb 23 2018 - By Evan Freitas

Let’s Play…the Darwin Project? Scavengers Studios brings viewer interactivity to life with Twitch Extensions

We’ve got exciting extension news for all of you viewers and streamers out there. Today, Scavengers Studios has developed a new Twitch Extension to be used alongside their hit new title, Darwin Project, which is now conveniently in open beta!

So, what does this Extension do?

The Darwin Project’s Twitch Extension lets viewers help streamers who are playing the game as Show Directors.

The Show Director is a cross between game show host and Hunger Games announcer. Show Directors have free roaming cameras which allow them to see any player at any time and allow them to influence the environment around the players.

Here are a few examples of the actions you can take as a viewer helping the Show Director.

Choose Your Champion

Vote for who you think will win the game and influence their actions along the way.

Healing Spectator Vote

See someone you want to help or despise someone who’s winning? Viewers can vote to heal specific players in the match and potentially turn the tide of battle.

Zone Closures

See a skirmish between players that you want to escalate? As a community, you can force the action by voting on which parts of the map will be affected by environment changes and complete closures.

For all you streamers out there

Streamers, want to level up your broadcast for the open beta? Go install the Darwin Project Extension in you Extensions search dashboard so that it appears in your channel.

Next, go on into the game and log in with Twitch directly. Your game account ID and Twitch ID should now be linked, which is the necessary step in making the Extension work.

Viewers, go find your favorite Show Director!

Viewers, simply find your favorite Show Director in the Darwin Project’s Twitch Directory. Some of our favorites this weekend will be EatMyDiction1, BogOtter, Cohhcarnage, Bikeman, Joaquimblaze and Miistymiisty.

Let us know what you think

With developers, we’re committed to creating unique experiences for viewers and streamers to enjoy on Twitch. Let us know what you think of the Darwin Project’s Twitch Extension with feedback to @Twitch on Twitter.

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