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Twitch Prime members, get ready to drop the bass in Dub Wars!

Nov 16 2017 - By Robert Busey

Twitch prime offers up the game that PAX founders, Gabe & Tycho, deemed “a national treasure”. If you’re not a Twitch Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial at

DubWars is an action-packed arcade shooter that successfully combines music and gaming in a way never seen before. The game has been compared to the likes of Geometry Wars and Rez but the comparisons end once you realize that there is no ‘fire’ button.

Wait, a twin-stick shooter with no fire button? How can that be?

In DubWars, the music becomes your weapon as they fire in sync to the rhythm of the song. The developers teamed up with incredible EDM and Dubstep artists to create unique weapons and power ups that fire to the beat of the music. Bass, up beats, and, of course “The DROP” of each song all factor into each level’s excitement (and difficulty). You’ll need to analyze the risk and reward of taking on enemies, collecting ‘wubs’, or just frantically surviving the song.

“One game really stood out and quickly provided long hours of play, lots of cheers……and head-bobbing. That game was DubWars.” NerdFu

With music, we’ve all experienced the buildup and anticipation waiting for that beat to “DROP”. DubWars amps that feeling up to 11 and, if you can survive long enough to experience the payoff, destroying a powerful enemy with a massive wall of noise is one of the most satisfying twin-stick experiences out there today.

“If ever there was a game for EDM — it is DubWars” 5 Stars — Without the Sarcasm

The game features ten (10) stages that span underwater levels to a “Giant Alien Brain DJ” headlining a concert. Each stage has multiple levels of difficulty which ramp and amp up the challenges to insane levels. The game also allows you to discover and support both up-and-coming musicians and your favorite established artists including:

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