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Watch and Co-Stream the Twitch Studios Hosting and Interview Workshop!

Jul 21 2017 - By Anna Robinson

Recently, Twitch Studios announced that we were accepting auditions for a Hosting and Interview Workshop. Since this was our pilot workshop, we had no idea what kind of response to expect — but we were blown away! Thank you to all of you Twitch community members who submitted a wealth of high-quality auditions. It was our pleasure to review them all, and our pain to only be able to accept a few for this extremely limited first workshop.

Because of the overwhelming response to this program, and because we want to make sure to involve as many talented hosts and interviewers as possible, we have decided to make a portion of the workshop available for viewing and co-streaming on the official Twitch channel.

That means that everyone who wants to will be able to benefit from the seminars we have planned, and to share that content with their own communities as they learn and add their own valuable insight to our curriculum.

The stream will be live from Twitch HQ on July 26 on from 9:30am to 2:30pm PT. Any Twitch streamer is welcome to capture that feed and stream on their own channel, as long as they set their game to “Host & Interview Workshop” for the duration of their co-streaming. After the stream ends, we invite streamers to spend time workshopping and practicing what they learned with their communities and fellow streamers, as the attendees at Twitch HQ do the same. If you don’t plan to stream yourself, tune in to watch and learn along with some of your favorite co-streamers, such as AdamKoebel, KalamityTV, BizSnes, DeejayKnight, PodsofWar, Skylatron, Adambomb0095, and AceOfRansom!

We hope you will enjoy and give us lots of helpful feedback on our first ever hosting and interview workshop. It’s our goal to elevate all the fantastic work we see our creators doing, and provide as many resources and as much support as possible. Please keep up the good work, and we’ll see you on July 26!

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