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H1Z1 Champions Spotlight

Sep 22 2016 - By Sam Brown

Ready for this year’s biggest tournament at TwitchCon, the H1Z1 Invitational? Here’s a refresher on last year’s winners and some of the competitors winning H1Z1 tournaments since then. Among the many other skilled players competing this year, here are some to watch out for (and when to catch their streams this week on our spotlight!).

Let’s start with one of last year’s winners, Brian AKA “Grimmmz”. Alongside famous Halo pro, Ninja, Mr.Grimmmz snatched the 1st place title for 2015. Mr.Grimmmz started on Twitch 2 years ago primarily playing fighting games. In addition to his current 1st place H1Z1 title, he has also won a few major fighting game tournaments and hit top 8 at EVO in Killer Instinct.

Next, meet Justin, better known as “Minitrues” and the first ever H1Z1 professional player on team Echo Fox, owned by NBA analyst and former sports star, Rick Fox. Minitrues was not only good enough to top of the Twin Galaxy leaderboards, but also holds the record for most kills (33) in a H1Z1: King of the Kill solo Battle Royale. He is known mainly for his aggressive play style, which makes him unable to walk away from a fight. He is also a co-founder of a community tournament organization, Champions Arena.

Shane “OPscT” was a 4th place finalist at last year’s H1Z1 Invitational in which he took home a prize of $10,000. You’ll find his channel to be very fun and entertaining at times, with lots of community games and awesomoness. Enjoy!

Julia_tv is back this year and she’s in it to win it. Last year, she placed 6th in the Invitational, with her winnings cashing in at nearly $7,000. In December 2015, she and Team Abduction won the H1Z1 Showdown charity tournament. She placed 4th individually, winning the infamous Golden AR skin!

With roots in Call of Duty and a background in the SOCOM series, our last H1Z1 Champion Spotlight participant is “Aydren”. Aydren’s move to H1Z1: KotK was a no-brainer after years of streaming 3rd person shooters. He decided to pursue his love and passion for H1Z1: KotK, racking up a total of 1,527+ wins (the most in the game currently) and has won eight community-ran tournaments including 4 Champions arena wins, 2 Grind Royale, wins, 1 Revenge.EU win, and 1 TA Tournament win. He even managed to win 21 games in a 24-hour period.

H1Z1 Champion Spotlight Schedule

OPscT — Wednesday 10 AM — 12 PM PT

Minitrues — Wednesday 2 PM — 4 PM PT

Grimmmz — Thursday 3 PM — 5 PM PT

Aydren — Friday 10 AM — 12 PM PT

Julia_tv — Friday 3 PM — 5 PM PT

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