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Co-Stream E3 on Twitch!

Jun 9 2016 - By Brandon Ewing

Last year, co-streaming was the talk of E3. Streamers hosted the official Twitch E3 broadcast on their own channels to experience the event live with their communities.

In fact, 35% of all viewers watched our E3 2015 coverage via co-streaming!

With a splash like that, we had to bring it back for this year’s show. All you need to do is:

Every major press conference (EA, Bethesda, Xbox, PC Gaming, Ubisoft, PlayStation, Nintendo, and more!) will be streamed on /Twitch, so you’ll be able to co-stream all the biggest moments from the show to your audience!

WHERE: Use the E3 2016 game to broadcast the feed from TwitchWHEN: Sunday, June 12th, at 1pm PDT — Thursday, June 16th, at 6pm PDT • INFO: E3 on Twitch

*NOTE: Co-streaming only allows you to restream the feed from the official Twitch channel ( All other E3-related channels are host mode only.

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